Posted 2 days ago

Try smiling. #newstuff #hashtag

Posted 4 days ago

At lunch with Nyssa and our l friend Mpowerskills the Professional :D forget to get picture of him :(

Posted 1 week ago

Having a good weekend?!

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Posted 2 weeks ago

First cup of my own Roasting.. Never had anything like it. #NextLevel Also bulletproof method: butter + mct oil. So Amaze..

Posted 3 weeks ago

My first Roast! #JonOfAllBeans #coffee #snob @sweetmarias

Posted 3 weeks ago

A clear path. Starring @MrsJonofallgame

Posted 1 month ago

#BirthdayNyssa Birthday gift…. Jk :/

Posted 1 month ago

Nyssa and the church of the red door. #BirthdayNyssa

Posted 1 month ago

Now at: The Office cooling off in the a/c

Posted 1 month ago

High bridge, pretty sweet looking part of the river too. #BirthdayNyssa