Posted 2 days ago

JonofallWesterns? JonofallOfficers? #Kappa

Posted 4 days ago

"Rockband on Jon’s Butt" by I Get No Respect. Even when I’m calibrating for them :/ lol

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Posted 1 week ago

Also, I’m giving razer one more chance, your mouse pad was terrible, let’s hope these work out!

Posted 1 week ago

Excited to try this #upgrade

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Posted 2 weeks ago

New art canvas thing on the wall.. Love it. #vintage #goodolddays

Posted 2 weeks ago

Testing Instagram new features, seems like they added several image options people were using other programs for. Well played. But why are the frames all gone?

Posted 3 weeks ago

#DIY #Tools #Weekend #projects #TheNeverendingStory

Posted 1 month ago

Taking it easy, outdoors. Maybe accomplish some stream idea stuff while I watch @dougyl other @Twitch streams.